Gorenje IQOOK

 campaign 2013

The Induction hob with high quality sensor technology – IQook, awarded by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award – was to be introduced to the Serbian market. This product took us into a completely new cooking dimension with technology that included: 100% automatic cooking control, safety function which prevents overflowing or burning food, but enables steam cooking, etc. However, our task was to present a brand new cooking experience, complex processes and technical narratives to consumers and B2B partners in an accessible and comprehensible way.

Breaking cooking myths is the concept we came up with. The whole communication took place from the user perspective – based on their needs, habits and expectations. In visual terms, the concept is accompanied by very simple graphic solutions which effectively described all the processes. Within the campaign, the promotion was organized through the IQ Lab pop-up kitchen. Following the success of campaign in Serbia, this concept was also used in other markets.