Marketing toolbox for product launch

Client: W Motors
Name: Marketing toolbox for product launch
Tags: Toolbox, 3D Animation


Craft a forward-looking communication toolkit, complete with a compelling video presentation, for Dubai's new generation police vehicle launch. The toolkit's focus is on showcasing the vehicle's cutting-edge technology, agility, sustainability, and alignment with Dubai's smart city vision. Highlight its role in enhancing public safety and security, while incorporating iconic Dubai landmarks to anchor its presence. The dynamic video presentation should vividly capture the vehicle's features and applications.


"Unleashing The Beast," a concept that fuels Dubai's communication toolkit for the groundbreaking police vehicle named "The Beast." This dynamic concept will focus on embodying the vehicle's power, agility, and authority through visuals that mirror a beast's strength, complementing Dubai's commitment to security. It will spotlight "The Beast's" integration of advanced technology, smart city solutions, and seamless maneuverability, while showcasing its presence against Dubai's iconic skyline. The toolkit will include a captivating video presentation, unveiling "The Beast's" features, technology, and applications.

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