Client: Hisense
Name: Hisense AX Series
Tags: Toolbox, B2B, B2C, 3D Animation


Create an immersive communication toolkit for the AX Series soundbars, centered around the theme of waves and soundwaves. Visuals and messaging will translate the fluidity, movement, and transformative essence of soundwaves into resonant representations of the soundbars' exceptional audio performance, dynamic range, and immersive capabilities. The toolkit will craft a narrative journey from soundwave creation to captivating audio experiences, drawing parallels between the two. It will illustrate the soundbars' versatility in enhancing cinematic, gaming, and musical scenarios, with design elements reflecting the dynamic nature of waves.


Rooted in the fluidity and power of waves, the concept seamlessly merges visual aesthetics with dynamic audio performance. It unfolds as a narrative journey, mirroring the creation, modulation, and release of soundwaves, evoking emotional parallels and positioning the soundbars as catalysts for immersive moments. With wave-inspired design elements and a blend of modern aesthetics, the concept underscores the soundbars' adaptability and versatility across different scenarios.

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