product launch campaign with an animation

Client: Hisense
Name: Laser TV
Tags: Toolbox, B2C, B2B, 3D Animation


Our marketing agency was tasked with creating a complete product launch campaign for Hisense's new 2023 Laser TV. The client requested a product story, name, tagline, and implementation of the story through various assets, including feature pictures and animation. Our team accepted the challenge and got to work.


Our agency's main concept for this campaign was sustainability. We aimed to create a story that conveyed the message that Hisense's Laser TV was not only innovative and visually stunning but also environmentally friendly. Our tagline for the entire campaign was "For a Brighter Future." This tagline played on words, linking the sustainability theme to the laser TV's brightness. The Laser TV reached a competitive level when compared to ULED or OLED TVs, encouraging users to choose the product not only for its performance but also for its impact on the planet.


Our team worked diligently to create a product launch campaign that highlighted the features and benefits of Hisense's new Laser TV while also emphasizing its environmentally friendly design. The product story, name, and tagline all conveyed the message of sustainability, and the feature pictures and animations complemented this theme perfectly. The campaign was a resounding success, with the Laser TV becoming the talk of the town. The sales numbers exceeded our client's expectations, and the feedback we received from both our client and their customers was overwhelmingly positive. Overall, our team was proud to have been a part of this project and to have helped Hisense launch their new Laser TV to such great success.

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