comprehension campaign for a product launch

Client: Hisense
Name: E7K TV
Tags: Toolbox, Campaign, 3D animation, B2C


Our marketing agency was approached by Hisense to create a full product launching of an E-commerce exclusive ULED Hisense TV. This project included a product story, which was supported with sales tools, such as a 3D animation, KV and feature visuals. The TV is a ULED model at an entry-level price, which offers great technology for a fraction of the price. This product is a mass mover for Hisense.


Our team of marketing experts put their heads together to develop a concept for the full product launching of the ULED Hisense TV. The main challenge was to figure out what kind of story and toolbox would be most appropriate for the model. We wanted to showcase the TV's superior technology while keeping in mind that it was an entry-level model. After conducting extensive market research and analyzing consumer behavior, we decided to focus on the TV's affordability and quality. We developed a product story that highlighted the benefits of ULED technology and how it provides an enhanced viewing experience. Our sales tools included a 3D animation, KV, and feature visuals that clearly conveyed the TV's features and benefits.


The full product launching of the ULED Hisense TV was a huge success. Our product story and sales tools resonated with consumers and helped drive sales. The 3D animation was particularly effective in showcasing the TV's features and benefits, and the KV and feature visuals provided additional context and information. The ULED Hisense TV became a mass mover for the brand, and its entry-level price point made it accessible to a wider range of consumers. Our team was proud to be a part of this successful product launch and looks forward to collaborating with Hisense on future projects.

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