To create a dynamic communication toolkit for the HS2100 soundbar, centered on the theme of a lion's roar. Drawing inspiration from the lion's powerful presence, the toolkit will visually and narratively link the soundbar's audio quality to the impact of a lion's roar. This approach will highlight the soundbar's immersive experience and attention-commanding capabilities. The toolkit will feature lion-inspired visuals and messaging, conveying the soundbar's ability to captivate like a lion's roar, while a narrative journey will lead from anticipation to immersive sound. Designed with a majestic yet modern tone.


“The beast” is a concept that fuels our communication toolkit for the advanced soundbar. Drawing from the commanding aura of a lion's roar, this concept seamlessly integrates lion-inspired visuals and resonant messaging to mirror the soundbar's audio prowess. Guided by a narrative journey that crescendos from anticipation to sonic immersion, the toolkit envelops users in an unparalleled audio experience. The harmonious blend of regal majesty and contemporary sophistication captures the essence of both lion and soundbar, creating a powerful and approachable visual identity.

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