global premium product launching campaign

Client: Hisense
Name: PureFlat Campaign
Tags: Toolbox, Commercial, B2C


Our client, Hisense, came to us with a challenge: to create a global product launching campaign for their premium PureFlat French door refrigerator line. The campaign needed to be comprehensive and include everything from a TV commercial to feature animations, and complimentary sales materials. Additionally, the agency was tasked with developing the product's entire communication strategy. It was a big ask, but we were up for the challenge.


Our marketing team was determined to create a campaign that would showcase the top-tier features of Hisense's PureFlat French door refrigerators while also engaging potential customers. We knew that we needed to create a story that would resonate with consumers on a global scale. After conducting extensive market research, we developed a toolbox that included a TV commercial, multiple feature animations, and other sales materials that highlighted the product's sleek design and advanced features. Our team also developed a communication strategy that would be used across all channels, ensuring consistency and a unified message.


The launch of Hisense's PureFlat French door refrigerator line was a massive success, exceeding all our client's expectations. Our comprehensive campaign helped to generate buzz and drive sales across the globe. The TV commercial and feature animations were well-received, and the product's advanced features and sleek design were highlighted in all sales materials. The communication strategy we developed also helped to ensure that the product's message was consistent across all channels. Overall, our campaign played a key role in making the launch of the Hisense PureFlat French door refrigerator line a success.

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