Animation highlighting benefits of a powerful hood and interactive hob

Client: ASKO
Name:Elevate Hood-in-Hob
Tags: 3D Animation, Technical, B2B, B2C


ASKO, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality household appliances, approached our agency to create a 3D animation for their Elevate Hood-in-Hob. The purpose of this animation was to provide a detailed description of each specific benefit of the powerful Hood, while also showcasing the interactive functions of the Hob. The animation had to be both technically and creatively challenging, requiring us to show all the benefits of a powerful Hood while keeping the viewer interested.


Our marketing team developed a concept for a 120-second animation that would showcase ASKO's minimalistic elegance and technical expertise. The animation would highlight the powerful benefits of the Hood and demonstrate how the interactive functions of the Hob complemented it perfectly. Our main challenge was to keep the viewer engaged throughout the lengthy animation while highlighting every benefit in a clear and concise manner. To achieve this, we developed a storyboard that took the viewer on a journey through each feature and benefit.


The final result was a 120-second animation that effectively showcased ASKO's minimalistic elegance and technical prowess. The animation featured an introduction that set the stage for the journey ahead, followed by a detailed explanation of each feature and benefit of the powerful Hood. The interactive functions of the Hob were also highlighted in a way that complemented the Hood's features. The animation was designed to keep the viewer engaged and interested throughout its duration, and the minimalistic style helped to convey ASKO's commitment to quality and sophistication. Overall, the animation successfully demonstrated the power and technical expertise of the Elevate Hood-in-Hob, positioning ASKO as a leader in the household appliance industry.

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