animation showcasing new technology for customers and workers.

Client: Sub-Zero Wolf
Name: New Technology
Tags: 3D Animation, Dynamic, B2C


Sub-Zero Wolf, a leading manufacturer of luxury home appliances, approached our agency to create a 3D animation for their new technology which is featured in one of their latest oven models. The aim of the animation was twofold: to showcase the benefits of this innovative technology to their customers and to explain how it works in a technical yet visually engaging manner.


Our marketing team conceptualized a 30-second animation that uses 3D arrows to showcase the air movement in the oven while keeping the style minimalistic and the color grade premium. Our main challenge was to communicate as much information as possible to the viewer without overwhelming them with text. To achieve this, we focused on displaying the airflow with and without food to highlight the end-result and the technical aspects of the feature. The result was an animation that provided a clear and concise explanation of the new technology.


The final animation for Sub-Zero Wolf's new technology was a success. Our team created an intro that effectively set the stage for the animation, followed by a section that showcased the airflow in the oven with and without food. The animation effectively communicated both the end-result and the how-to of the feature, making it easy for customers and workers to understand the benefits of this innovative technology. The premium style and minimalistic approach helped to convey the luxury and sophistication of Sub-Zero Wolf's brand, while the clear explanation of the technology made it accessible and easy to understand. Overall, the animation helped to promote Sub-Zero Wolf's brand and position them as a leader in luxury home appliances.

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