dynamic product focused animation

Client: Gorenje
Name: Washer & Dryer
Tags: 3D animation, Dynamic, B2C


Our agency was approached by Gorenje, a leading appliance brand, to create a 3D animation for their latest products – washer & dryer. The client wanted to showcase a unique feature - the airdry function, which helped save energy and water while ensuring sustainability. The animation had to appeal to both customers and workers, and the aim was to highlight the product's benefits.


To meet the client's brief, our team came up with a concept that focused on presenting a high-tech theme while keeping it consumer and lifestyle oriented. We aimed to create a dynamic 60-second animation that highlighted the product's features while keeping it engaging for the viewers. The challenge was to strike a balance between being informative while keeping the animation dynamic and interesting.


Our team delivered an exceptional 3D animation that exceeded the client's expectations. The animation effectively showcased the product's features while presenting it in a dynamic and informative way. The animation was a success, with the client reporting an increase in sales turnaround. Our team's creative and innovative approach to the project ensured that we met the client's brief and exceeded their expectations, resulting in a happy and satisfied client.

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