feature focused animation

Client: Etna
Name: Feature Animation
Tags: 3D animation, Technical, B2C, B2B


Our marketing agency had previously worked on a comprehensive project for ETNA, which involved the development of product renders, ambient renders, feature pics, and more. One of the biggest challenges was to showcase the complex workings of their FanDry feature through a single static 3D image. From this singe image, we derived (together with the client) the idea to create an animated version in 3D.


To meet this unplanned brief, our team came up with a concept that focused on presenting a high-tech theme while keeping it consumer and lifestyle oriented. We aimed to create a dynamic though feature oriented 30-second animation that highlighted the inner workings of the product's FanDry feature while keeping it engaging for the viewers. The challenge was to strike a balance between being informative while keeping the animation dynamic and interesting.


Our team delivered a 3D animation that met the client's expectations. The animation effectively showcased the product's main feature. This turned out to be an excellent example of teamwork between a client and agency resulting in quality content.

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