Client: Hisense
Name: New Technology
Tags: 3D Animation, Dynamic, B2C


The client wanted to Develop an engaging animation to highlight the cutting-edge features of our new AC unit system that integrates multiple indoor units with a single outdoor unit. The animation should effectively convey the system's advantages, such as scalability, customizable cooling zones, energy efficiency, wireless control, sleek design, and environmental benefits. The goal is to showcase seamless and high tech use, independent zone control, quiet operation, and user-friendly features.


This captivating animation unveils an innovative AC unit system seamlessly integrating multiple indoor units under a single outdoor unit. As the animation unfolds, witness the system's prowess through sleek integration, customizable cooling zones, energy efficiency, wireless mastery, and an eco-friendly edge. From tranquil, quiet operation to user-friendly controls enabling personalized comfort, "Freemach" embodies the future of cooling. With a futuristic aesthetic and a tagline that encapsulates its essence, the animation urges viewers to embrace the evolution of comfort with "Freemach."

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